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Related article: Date : Wed, April 24, 2004 14 02 -0400 33rd From: Wally Sleeper u003cwally403 cox. net u003e Subject: Brother is responsible for This story is based on a true experience. My name is Alex and I am a married man in my thirties and I 10 years happily married. One day I'm alone at home when my wife home of his sister, who was in another city so he was gone, I knew for a while. As I had nothing to do, I thought it was going to play in browse the computer for a while and the Internet. Sometimes Lolita Teens this ad differently than shown on the screen to a gay sites differently. I had only been on it and go surfing. I've seen a front of them, but it has always done in the middle of something else, so is immediately clicked. Well, this afternoon I had to do nothing is more important, so that , thought only of curiosity given n. or the other. I was sitting home alone in front of my computer with a huge erection s. This worries me because I was always enthusiastic and on naked men. Before I knew what happened I was sitting there with my pants down n to my ankles stroking my cock slowly. I looked down and saw that there was a nice fall pre- seminal fluid escapes from the tip of my drive home cock. What should I do? Why was I so excited ? Is this normal? All these questions and I continue browsing. I found some stories and started reading and found that I still get excited. I was absorbed well in the stories, when suddenly I heard a cough behind me. I was fast and I saw my younger brother, Aaron, who stood behind me with a smile on his face. Quickly tried to pull my pants and Lolita Teens he pushed me in the chair. Needless to say I've tried to cover my cock and it was definitely softer. So I'm sitting here front of my brother with a gay porn sitein my computer pants at the ankles with my dick in your hand. Needless to say, I more than embarrassing. He looked at me and told me he never knew I have a strange and was surprised that I leave my door n unlocked while I was in the house to do odd things. I tried to explain what had happened and he kept calling me a fag n I said shut up. I tried to get up and pull my pants and pushed me back in the chair and told me he had a proposal for me. I asked him, that was still on my dick with my hands up on it a little more concerned. He said if I did something I said , no matter what they do not tell my wife or friends, I was a stranger. I tried again to explain why he was able to that I was, and he put his hand on my mouth and told me he wanted a answer now, otherwise go to the door and my problems just home. Knowing that it was not going to win I shook my head yes. that waved at me and said that there are rules and most of them have developed , as we walked, but for now the only rule was that it it was still in the office and I had to do what he wanted when he wanted to , I. I agreed and looked away. Aaron told me that the stand n and I take off my clothes and my hands are in front of it with a me. I did as he said, and when finished, he sat in the seat of s, and I was behind him and shoulder massage while walking n to a porn site directly on your computer. This went on for about 30 minutes or so, and I was looking at several pictures of straight sex and read the stories to go along with them. Aaron turned his chair and stood before me and told me that n in my knees and pull your pants and underwear down. I did as he said, and when I'm in line, I realized that it was very difficult and leaking pre-cum. Once done, he told me that licknot up to land and forget their heavy balls. This went on for several minutes, and he pushed my head away and sat in the chair and distributed his legs. He grabbed my head and took me about him and pushed him my ​​face in his lap to tell me to lick and kiss him all over his body. and then told me to suck his cock and I could do better for a big hit - work. Luckily my brother was so hot that it was not long for him and I always felt like I was about to burst his sperm. His hand went to the back in my head, and said that was not his cum escape my lips. before knew what was happening he was blowing up the back of my throat with his fast hot cum and filling my mouth. He quickly began to swallow and I realized I was not pleased at all levels of care. I have tried think of anything else, so the taste should not be so strong, but not working. When my brother pushed me off his tail and smiled and asked me if I liked the taste of yoursemen and I said no n. He told me not to worry, I'd learn to do long before love. Then he told me his penis and testicles to lick clean. When I finished He stood up and told me to pull up his pants and underwear for him. I did what I I was told. Aaron then told me to stand and face him with my hands behind my back to new order. He told me that I did not touch me before him, he leave me, and he will be the next day for another blowjob. I also said that when he approached, I greet you in the door with nothing more than a jockey strap. He said that once s enter the house who was kneeling before him and co-operation and its inverse pants and pulled them and his underwear on the floor with his teeth. once said that he got up and walked behind me and slapped my bare ass repeatedly. I knew how difficult it might reach that beet n are red. I smiled and told me I was going to see tomorrow and to remember that was not to touch me until I said I could, and I could not put up that he had gone to get. So I left the room. If you want to read more, please let me know wally403 cox. network
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